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Sting Loving You

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Rudy Lenners overcame adversity. Becoming a professional drummer, in spite of a fierce family opposition, was already a challenge in itself. But turning into an architect of the formative years of a german band that would become Germany's biggest records exporter, that was another instrument to play. And yet, the Belgian drummer can be heard torturing his drumkit and forging his destiny on two SCORPIONS albums that would achieve an iconic status, In Trance (1975) and Virgin Killer (1976). Before the industrial as well as global success of songs like « Still Loving You » or « Wind of Change », came rise to artistic accomplishment, work, creativity, doubt, and more work. Rudy was a witness as much as a player during those lean and decisive years, faced high winds and tides and came out strong as an ox, sharing his passion not only through his concerts as a performer, but also, once success was found, through his works as a producer and coach. To Rudy Lenners, music is an all-round art. As, in spite of having constantly an eye to the future, it is sometimes good to have a mischievous look into the rearview mirror, Rudy has decided to hit the right note and narrate his story. Humbly, plainly, in a light and casual manner because, as he states it so well : « Being insufficiently serious is deplorable. Being too serious is boring ». Through these pages, Rudy opens up and discusses the edges and the heart of his life as subjects of entertainment and reflection. This rhythmic book (how could it be otherwise ?), a result of intensive interviews and discussions, will sustain those who like to feed themselves with arachnids as much as with those funny and curious animals also known as drummers.

Biographie de Guillaume GAGUET

Né en 1985 à Limoges, Guillaume Gaguet est titulaire d'un Master, spécialité « Civilisations celtiques », obtenu grâce à son mémoire traitant de l'utilisation des symboles, imageries et légendes celtiques dans la musique heavy metal. Gérant de Crazyscorps, fan-club français de Scorpions, depuis 2006, il rédige depuis 2003 des chroniques d'albums pour divers sites Internet spécialisés ou généralistes (Metal France, Hardrock80, Forces Parallèles). Il travaille actuellement dans le privé, au poste de rédacteur technique.

Auteur Rudy Lenners
Date de parution 31 juillet 2023
Prix 30 €
Nombre de pages 164
ISBN 9782378483890
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